Chair and Cabinet Members 2018/2019

Thomas Baldock

Organisation Chair & Overview and Scrutiny Representative

Responsible for the strategic leadership of the organisation. Chair of full youth council meetings and the Cabinet. Responsible for the day to day running.

I’m a student at Rochester Math School and enjoy playing piano and making YouTube videos.

Roli Enonuya


Vice-Chair supports the Chair in the running of the organisation. They are responsible for member relations, co-ordination and public outreach. Lead on membership recruitment and partnerships with organisation across Medway.

Roli Enonuya is 17 years old, and a former student at Fort Pitt Grammar School. She currently attends Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School in Rochester.

Alexander Orlov-Holmes

Campaign Lead

Responsible for our chosen campaign and conference. This will be the campaign that we chose for the Annual Conference. This role also is responsible for approving and presenting sub-campaigns to the cabinet. I ensure members are well prepared for effective campaigning.

Christina Arena

Democracy & Engagement Lead

This member is responsible for ensuring we have representation from all groups of young people. They are responsible for pushing engagement within Medway Youth Centres and other youth organisations.

The role also entails ensuring our organisation is meeting its requirement to be democratic; this ranges from ensuring our constitution is democratic to supporting the cabinet with evidence based consultation from young people.

Craig Liddell

Marketing Lead

Responsible for promoting MYC through social media. Marketing Lead reports the analytics to the cabinet and updates them on other member activities ensuring code of conduct is met.

Craig attends Strood Academy and is passionate about young people’s involvement in local culture and heritage events.

Archie Bean

Digital Engagement Director

Responsible for managing new platforms to reach out to the young people in Medway and ensure they are included in our organisation. Administrates the Discord server and other platforms.

I go to Holcombe Grammar School, I am Form Captain and recently took on the role of Anti-Bullying Ambassador. I attend a debating society once a week and have done for 2 years. I am a season ticket holder for Gillingham FC and attend all their home matches.

Health Engagement Lead

I am responsible for our work with Medway NHS Foundation Trust NELFT, Healthwatch, community health groups and any other groups associated with health. Spokesperson for young people health issues, consultation and focus groups.

Anna McGovern MYP

National Ambassador

Anna McGovern is a National Ambassador for various charities across the UK, including the NSPCC, Childline, and the #iwill campaign. She is the Prime Minister’s 1050th Point of Light for services to volunteering, and she is the holder of the UK Childhood Champion award for Outstanding Young Volunteer of the Year for London and the South East. Anna goes to Rochester Independent College and is an active member of her Student Council. She serves as Member of UK Youth Parliament.

Oliver Branch MYP

Member of UK Youth Parliament

Oli attends Rochester Math School and is a Member of UK Youth Parliament for Medway. Oli previously held a cabinet position as Campaign Lead and organised the conference of 2017 which focused on the topic of Bullying. He has attended British Youth Council conventions and has much experience in representing and working on issues facing young people.


We have vacancies for the following positions.

Youth Councillor, as a post. For more details contact us

The Medway Youth Council is currently in the process of recruiting new members in Year 7-12. The Medway Youth Council (MYC) started in 1998, as the Medway Youth Parliament, with our official launch in 1999. In September 2017, we changed our name to the Medway Youth Council, under the leadership of George Perfect.

We are a forum for young people – run by young people – we are totally independent but supported by Medway Council. MYC has two main roles in addressing issues raised by young people and acting as a consultative group for decision-makers.

Young people who join Medway Youth Council benefit from the following:

  • Working and meeting with a team of diverse young people from across the Medway towns on campaigns for young people
  • Bringing change for young people
  • Representing the Youth Voice of the conurbation
  • Being a positive role model in the community

If you think you know a young person or are a young person interest, then please drop us a message!