Chair and Cabinet Members 2017/2018

George Perfect

Organisation Chair & Overview and Scrutiny Representative

George is the Chair of the Organisation, and is responsible for the strategic leadership of the Cabinet.

George Peck

Deputy Chair

George is the Deputy Chair, and attends the Medway UTC. George supports the Chair in the running of the organisation, and is passionate about local young people’s views on transport and the environment.

Oli Branch

Campaign Director (Main)

Oli is our Campaign Director, and attends the Sir Joseph Williamsons Mathematical School. Oli wants to see more representation of young people’s views on bullying, and this year is leading our work around our annual conference.

Caitlin Jackson

Campaign Director (Other)

Caitlin is our other Campaign Director, and attends the Rochester Grammar School. Caitlin is keen to see more representation and engagements with single issue groups of young people.

Malachi Wilson

Marketing and Fundraising Director

Malachi is our Marketing Director, and attends the Medway UTC. Malachi is passionate about young people’s involvement in local culture and heritage events. Malachi manages the Youth Council social media feeds, and deals with all enquires through these mediums.

Jasmine Ee

Partnerships Director

Jasmine is our Partnerships Director, and leads all of our work with external partners. Jasmine is passionate about working more closely with the local Police and Fire service to secure further participation.

Harjot Kaur

Health Engagement Director

Harjot was elected by the Youth Council to be the Health Engagement Director in January 2018. Harjot is passionate about the bet services for young people, and works closely with our health partners including the NHS, Healthwatch and Medway’s Public Health team. Harjot has previously served in a range of Cabinet positions.

Ore Emmanuel MYP

National Engagement Director & Member of the UK Youth Parliament

Ore attends the Rochester Grammar School. Ore is passionate about youth representation through the annual make your mark ballot that is carried out on Medway’s young people. Ore also leads our delegation to the British Youth Council.

Thomas Baldock MYP

Member of the UK Youth Parliament

Thomas Baldock MYP was appointed as Member of the UK Youth Parliament by the Youth Council in January 2018, serving a year long term. Thomas is passionate about the best services for young people in Medway and works closely with the cabinet in representing MYC to the British Youth Council & UK Youth Parliament.


We have vacancies for the following positions.

Youth Councillor, as a post. For more details contact us

The Medway Youth Council is currently in the process of recruiting new members in Year 7-12. The Medway Youth Council (MYC) started in 1998, as the Medway Youth Parliament, with our official launch in 1999. In September 2017, we changed our name to the Medway Youth Council, under the leadership of George Perfect.

We are a forum for young people – run by young people – we are totally independent but supported by Medway Council. MYC has two main roles in addressing issues raised by young people and acting as a consultative group for decision-makers.

Young people who join Medway Youth Council benefit from the following:

  • Working and meeting with a team of diverse young people from across the Medway towns on campaigns for young people
  • Bringing change for young people
  • Representing the Youth Voice of the conurbation
  • Being a positive role model in the community

If you think you know a young person or are a young person interest, then please drop us a message!